Facing The Giants God’s Way

There’s a Goliath in the land, even threatening the entire earth. Some might think that it is COVID or the vaccine mandates, but plain and simple, there is a satanic plot against all humanity and it is moving across the globe with a vengeance.

God spoke to me about“Saul’s armor” that was offered to David before he took the head of the giant that threatened the land in His day. Saul was the king who led the battle against Goliath to no avail. The people of the land were “dismayed and greatly afraid (I Samuel 17:11).” Goliath stood before the army of Israel and bullied them saying, “I defy the armies of Israel this day; give me a man, that we may fight together.”

The shepherd boy David was taking lunch to his brothers who were in the army. Having heard the giant’s words David offered to take on the giant. It took some convincing, but King Saul agreed to let David fight the giant. Saul armed David with his armor and put his helmet on the boy’s head. He put on the armor and took the king’s sword, but could not walk in all of that gear. David put them off and took his staff and five smooth stones along with his sling. That is all he needed to take down Goliath, and so he did.

Here is what the Lord is saying to us today. “The vaccine mandates will backfire on both the governments and businesses that attempt to execute them.” “Religious organizations will be toppled in their attempt to use scriptures to justify them.”

God has said many times that this is a “new era” in which “the works of men are over.” The status quo, nor religion has the solution. They are not equipped.

They are the modern day “Saul’s armor.”

The Lord said that “the status quo and religion cannot face the Goliath in the land. They are powerless in this battle.” Therefore, God is bringing forth His “Davids” to end the battle. IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?