God Has Heard Your Cry!

This message is for all of those who have been crying out to God in prayer.

“Tell them, I have heard them. I’ve seen their tears and heard their cries. And now, I AM COME to answer them IN POWER AND GLORY, to settle the score for My People whom I love,” says Almighty God.” 

“For the days of the wicked are few and numbered. For I have said that the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous lest My people turn to do iniquity. For this light affliction, the persecution you have suffered was for My Purpose. It came to perfect my image in you. It came to show you Who I Am and Who you are in ME. All Power is in My Hands and I have given it to you in this season so that you can ARISE FAR above the issues of this world; to cause you to become THE HEAD and no longer the tail: ABOVE only and no longer beneath the circumstances and people of the world.”

“I have called you to sit HIGH ABOVE the nations of the earth. That is where You are seated in the realm of the Spirit with My Son. Now, it is time to manifest that which I have placed within you; that glory within your earthen vessel that must be shattered in order to be released into the earth. This shattering is a breaking of your flesh, your will and emotions from traditions of men, from the rudiments of the world; from things that hinder MY Power from operating in your lives.”

“It is now time to ARISE AND SHINE, for My Glory has risen upon you. Take your places in My Kingdom. Take your destiny which I have designated for each of you since before the foundation of the world. It is your time to be the Stars, the kings and queens of My Royal heritage in this earth. Arise and shine, Let My Glory be seen upon you, and all people of the earth shall see it and come unto you to LEARN ABOUT ME. For Your LIGHT SHALL SHINE BRIGHT in this dense darkness and all nations will come unto you for answers to the world’s problems. So stand tall in this season for it is Your season to Shine brightly with the brightness of My Glory.” 

“Now, go forth in My Name and My Power says,” the Lord. “I will confirm My Word with Immense Power such as this world has never seen. So Go forth knowing that I will be with you until the very end of time. This is our season to shine forth in the glory of My Father,” says the Lord. “Go, Rule and Reign In My Name!!”