“It’s A Smoke Screen,” Says God.

For the past several days, the Lord has been beckoning me to come into His presence for “another message.” Early this morning, the Holy Spirit awaken me with these words.

“It’s a smoke screen.” “They are doomed to fail.”

Then, I heard it again.

“It’s a smoke screen.” They are doomed to fail. They were doomed from the beginning of their plot against this nation.” Then came more details.

That virus was ‘bought and paid for’ by wicked men around the world who wanted to destroy the freedom of the people of the nations.” 

“It will not work,” says God. “For I am coming down Myself to settle the score. You wicked rich men have crossed Me and My plan for the last time. The politicians you ‘bought and paid for’ in America and in the nations of this world, will fall like Dagon.”

“This nation, the earth, it all belongs to Me,” says God. “And I will no longer allow you to hurt and destroy those whom I have created, who are precious to Me. Your wickedness, your hatred towards My Beloved creation is an abomination to Me.  And now you will see how I reward those who continue to cross Me, to thwart My divine destiny in this nation, in this earth.”

“You were doomed from the beginning of your plan to take the White House. Your puppets have performed their last performance.”

“The show, the deception, the lies, the thievery . . . It’s all over,” says Almighty God.

“I will save the nations, beginning with America. I will save the people and redeem them from your dreaded creation; COVID.”

“It [COVID] will no longer ‘reign’ in this nation, nor will it be seen in the earth.”

“For I have removed it by My power, just like I will remove you wicked, and those you have empowered. They are all powerless against Me and My Anointed. You will see.”

“Continue your feeble plot and I will smite you with all the FULLNESS of Who I AM. I AM Almighty God, and there is NO ONE ABOVE ME, MY PLAN And DESTINY for planet Earth, and the destiny of the nations.“

Dagon is the god of the ancient Philistines, whose figure fell on its face before the Ark of God. The Lord not only desecrated the idol, but also destroyed the men of the city and those who remained were stricken with boils on their private parts. I Samuel 5:1-9