Kingdom Giants In The Land

For the past twenty years or more the Lord has been talking to me about raising up His people as “the David(s),” the “Faith Giants” in this world. These are those who would arise and slay the “Goliath(s)” that are terrorizing the people in the land. These “Goliath(s)” don’t necessarily have to be people. They can be ideas and conditions that exist because wicked men stoop to human degradation and put people in poverty just to make money. Even social issues that threaten lives or intimidate the public to submit to wicked political policies are also examples of “Goliath(s)” in the lives of God’s people. Even so, the Lord gave a couple of visions about how “His Kingdom Giants” appear before two of America’s political leaders.

Here is the first vision. God woke me up with a powerful vision. I was in Mr. Obama’s bedroom. The holy angels were there. Various people of God were also there. We all grew into the stature of giants before the man’s eyes. He jumped out of bed, but one angel spoke about the man’s guilt and the judgment of God against him, his family, Biden, and all who were in agreement with their deception.

Then angel talked about them being executed before a “firing squad.” He heard these words so powerfully, that Obama tried to walk into the bathroom to get away from what he heard. But, the word of the Lord cannot be ignored. The man did not repent. Instead, he hardened his heart even more. Oh, yeah, one of the giants in that room was Donald J. Trump. Wow! Really God? What are you doing in the earth? Whatever it is, its going to be good!

Here is the second vision that came a few days after the first.

In the spirit, I saw Mr. Biden attempting to destroy Mr. Trump. He came behind him and tried to pick up what he thought was Mr. Trump, and it turned out to be only the man’s clothes that he wore in the past. Then President Trump arose to the stature of a giant before Biden’s eyes. Biden was surprised, but he attacked even more. This part of the vision reminded me of Gulliver’s Travels. Biden had men try and suppress Mr. Trump (the giant) with strings. Biden then tried to blind fold Mr. Trump by using airplanes overhead to put something over the giant’s face. Nothing they did worked. But, they kept trying, never realizing that this was God, and not Mr. Trump. This was God.

The next day, the Lord said, “It is over for Biden and Obama. Their secret’s out!”

Received February 1, 10, 11, 2021