My Sheep Hear My Voice

For weeks, the Spirit of the Lord has been saying, “My Sheep Know My Voice.” In the wee hours of the morning, He awaken me saying that He had “Another Message For My People.” Here is what I heard the Spirit of the Lord say.

“Hear My Voice. Answer Me with obedience. For I am Your Only Hope in days to come. For the enemy has a plan against this land and its people.”

It’s important not to fear, but to hear My Voice. Obey My Voice, then watch Me work. For I Alone Am Your Keeper. I will protect you and provide for those who will hear and obey My Voice in the time of trouble.”

Seek Me Now! Inquire of Me now. For I have great and mighty things to reveal to you. I love you and do not wish you to be destroyed. Seek Me Early and Earnestly and I will reveal My Plan to destroy your enemies,” say God, Your Father, Your Only Hope and Protector.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27