Prepare For “Political Fallout!”

Last week, as we began praying for the people of Ukraine, the Lord revealed that deals were made in that war, with many of our US leaders “for riches . . . that won’t be seen.” Promises were made that will not be kept. Consequently, those who entered into those deals will turn on one another. It will be an “ambush” where the wicked will destroy one another in the public square. The enemy will “retaliate” against our nation’s leaders. They are about to bring the fight to our shores, BUT DO NOT FEAR.

The Lord calls it “Fallout. Political Fallout!” Get in prayer. Hunker down for the fight of your life and destiny. This battle is the only way for people to be free to live the life God ordained for us. This is not the devil moving upon the earth. IT’S A MOVE OF GOD. The devil is retaliating. So, don’t be distracted!

God is revealing “Every secret thing, both good and evil.”

Speaking of GOOD! While evil is being exposed, I saw the Hand of the Lord releasing wealth to His faithful people. I heard the Holy Spirit say, these are “Treasures of darkness and riches hidden in secret places.” I saw businesses, even hospitals and institutions being “vacated.” Those at the top were not closing up shop. They were “abandoning the ship” and leaving the workers behind to fend for themselves.

Take Heed to the time and season. Has God called you to run a hospital in your city? Has He called you to run a certain business or industry? What about buildings? What about homes in the world? Do you have a plan from God?  Then CALL IT FORTH, NOW! In the Name of Jesus. Keep calling it, but also EXPECT TO RECEIVE KEYS! I saw “KEYS” being given to God’s people to take over organizations and businesses. THIS IS THE WEALTH TRANSFER!!!!!

What I saw emerging from the ashes was what God calls, “THE LAST BOOK OF ACTS.” Those coming forth with Kingdom projects that God has ordained are “The Last Apostles.”

Beloved, we are writing history that will go down in the books! Seek the Lord to find out what He has written for your chapter of the book. If you are alive, you’re in the BOOK! Ask God to reveal what’s in your chapter today!

Continue to pray for the people of Ukraine, Russia and for all of the people from the nations who are secretly involved in this war.

Understand, that this is the most exciting time to be in God’s Kingdom!