The Jig Is Up!

The Lord repeated something He said weeks ago, “The devil is playing keep away with your inheritances.” He cannot stop God, but that deceiver is expert at throwing up roadblocks, distractions and delays, BUT “it is just about over,” says God.

“The answer is coming to you speedily,” says God. “Hold on. Be not discouraged, but Be ENCOURAGED, For Your Time Has Come. Your Time to RISE AND SHINE With My Glory Has Come; Your Time To Arise As The HEAD NOT THE TAIL, ABOVE ONLY AND NOT BENEATH.” 

“I have EXALTED those of GREAT FAITH, who have Wavered Not during this time or transition.” “Yes, that is what THIS has been, A time of transition as I demolish the plans and schemes of wicked men across the world and in your nation.” “They believed that they could OVERRULE My Word for your lives. THEY FOUGHT AGAINST MY DESTINY for You and Your nation, but they will soon learn just how badly they have lost, even some will lose their lives in this rebellion against ME, THE ALMIGHTY GOD.”

“Be not deceived the COVID, the ELECTION FRAUD, The PLANNED SHORTAGES, were all part of a military takeover scheme that has Badly Gone Wrong.” “Oh they tried to overtake you, but not by Me. This was Their Plan All Along to deceive the nation and the world in order to destroy this land called AMERICA, the Land that I love; The nation with whom I Am COVENANTED To Protect And Prosper as one of My own.” 

“They will soon see just how much I love this land and Will Defend those in it that love Me.” “I AM GOD and there is none other. No one can depose Me. No one can oppose Me repeatedly and expect to live.  Repent you evil ones who operate in hatred towards Me and the people of this land. Repent and bow before ME, THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD, the Only Redeemer for your souls. Repent today and live. Then watch as I SAVE and Prosper MY PEOPLE and the innocent in the land. I Alone will purify the land and its people for MY GLORY.” 

“This is MY TIME. My Program to reset the nations of the earth. MY KINGDOM HAS COME, MY Will alone WILL BE DONE in the earth, As I have decreed in HEAVEN. IT Is Done!,” Says the Great And Mighty One, Defender of the Earth!

I also heard a warning in my spirit, “Do Not Place Your Trust In Man! If you do, you will be SORELY Disappointed.” As God shakes the evil ones, they will attempt to place more restrictions on the people. “Do No Fear Their Threatenings!” This is “an act of persecution” against those who believe in God. Pray what the first believers prayed when faced with governmental persecution. 

“And now, Lord, behold their threatenings:

And grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word .” 

Acts 4:29