The Winds Of Change Have Come

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2

Beloved, get ready for “major changes, supernatural transformations” within in the days, weeks and months to come.

God’s Glorious Kingdom is rapidly arising in the earth, producing transformations that glorify the Heavenly Father, and prove His love for us. Get ready! Be encouraged even in these turbulent times. Whatever is broken, lost, stolen or dead, will be restored.

Let the Wind of His Spirit lead you to victory over every evil situation. Be the Light that strives and wins against the darkness of this world.

“Yes, there will be terrible resistance,” says God,” but to whomever trusts and obeys my every whim, there awaits unimaginable peace, love, joy and prosperity. Oh, you may have to venture into dangerous waters and unknown territories and uncomfortable places, but do not fear, you go not alone for I am with you to comfort and guide you all the way. So take a chance and plunge into the depths of my Spirit and experience not only a supernatural transformation in the way you look at life, but uncover the hidden treasures that have never been foreknown by men.”

To partake of this “great feast” that God is preparing for His people, you must see as He sees, and do as He com­mands you to do in this hour. Then, “You shall not want for any good thing. For the Lord has prepared a great table of supernatural delicacies before you. You shall eat and be filled with gladness. Your cup is even now running over with the blessings of the Kingdom. Rejoice and be glad!”

God is challenging each of us. The choice is yours. Know for certain that with or without us, SUPERNATURAL TRANSFORMATION is coming our way. This is the love of God manifested to all mankind. Don’t miss it!