Revealing Truth

Truth is a rare commodity in our world. If everyone has their own spin on what they think is true, it is no longer truth, but opinion. Truth, is timeless, void of cultural influence, not partial to ones nationality, wealth, education, gender or status. It’s the universal equalizer.

God’s Word is Truth.

Inspiring Answers

After a myriad of philosophy books and learning, sometimes keeping it simple is the only way to go. You don’t need a Harvard degree and many years of study to find answers to life’s hard questions. There is no need to toil away at something that can be done in one simple step.

Ask God.

With God,

All Things Are Possible!

The time for man’s wisdom is over. We’ve undone ourselves for the last time.

Aren’t you glad that there is someone Bigger than us that has Better answers than us?

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WITH GOD, It’s Black Or White <> God is not a man. He cannot lie. <> Let God Be True