Idols Shall Fall Like Dagon!

Beloved, this past Sunday morning, I found myself weeping for the leaders of America. What I saw coming was horrifying. In a vision during prayer, I saw leaders, including government leaders crouched behind battle lines, aiming weapons at God’s sons and daughters in this nation. Their weapons made no impact. They looked like dwarfs fighting against God’s Giants. These leaders fell to their deaths because they refused to honor the God that has blessed this nation. The people were outraged and confused. “How could this have happened in America?” The eyes of the people began to open to the truth that America has been under a “strong delusion.” Yet, God has said, “Truth Shall Prevail In America.”

God is dealing with wicked leaders who are, using “Smooth words,” even Christianity and the Bible, gathering the hearts and souls of people for evil purposes. “There is no truth in what they say or do. For it is a farce,” says God. “They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Leaders like Herod who refuse to give the glory to God. They will be smitten down in public before the people.”

This word concerns leaders of the Church, as well as leaders of our government and industry who have formed a league of rebellion against Almighty God, in this, “His Covenant Nation.” The Lord reminded me of a word He spoke in August of 2021. “You wicked rich men have crossed Me and My plan for the last time. The politicians you ‘bought and paid for’ in America and in the nations of this world, will fall like Dagon.”

Who was Dagon? How did Dagon fall?

Dagon was an idol, a god of the Philistines who were the enemies of God’s people. The Philistines stole the Ark Of The Covenant which carried the presence of the God of Israel (I Samuel 4:11).

How Could God’s Enemies Steal The Ark Of The Covenant ?

God allowed the enemy to take the Ark of The Covenant as punishment to Eli the priest of Israel, and his wicked sons Hophni and Phinehas, who were also priests. Eli was old. His sons were causing the people to sin against the Lord. Eli did not correct his sons. Instead, he benefited from their corruption. Death came to the house of Eli and the Glory of the Lord departed from Israel.

The Philistines placed the Ark of The Covenant in the temple of their god Dagon. The next morning, the figure of Dagon was on its face before the Ark of The Covenant. The priest picked up the statue, putting it back on its feet. The next morning, Dagon was found laying before the Ark of The Covenant once again. This time it was beheaded, with its palms removed. Only the stump of Dagon remained. The Lord not only desecrated the idol, but He also destroyed the men of the city. Those who remained were stricken with boils on their private parts (I Samuel 5:1-12).

Now, if God said that America’s leaders would “fall like Dagon,” what can we expect? No one but God knows what will exactly happen. However if the story of what happened to Dagon is an example, we can expect that these leaders will be struck down physically. The people who worship them, and the cities where these leaders have been glorified, would also be inflicted with all manner of physical ailments and death, until they repent and pay homage to the True And Living God.

This is the Biblical example of how God deals with wicked leaders. We saw the same with Pharaoh (Exodus 13:15-31), with Sihon king of the Amorites and Og king of Bashan (Numbers 21:23-35), with Herod (Acts 21-25). God is saying that the same will be happening in America and around the world. Wicked leaders shall fall like Dagon, and the Glory of the Lord will return among His people!