A Life For A Life

Here is something the Holy Spirit gave me to publish a few weeks ago. It’s Heaven’s answer to “What is a Christian?”

“A Christian is one who looks, acts and speaks like Christ Jesus.” One is not a Christian because they are a member of a Christian Church. Jesus gave His life, so that we would give up our lives for Him. Christianity requires, “A Life for a life.”

“Christians are those who have been delivered out of the kingdom of darkness, and translated as new creatures into God’s Kingdom for a purpose, . . . not to obey satan and the lust of the flesh, but to be IMITATORS of GOD, as Jesus did.”

“That’s the integrity God expects of everyone who is named a Christian, a Believer, a follower of Christ. This is what the world is waiting to see.”

“Be Ye Imitators Of God like dear Children.” Ephesians 5:1