The Time Of “The Exodus”

This is a vision that God gave me on Christmas Eve of 2021.

I saw “The Exodus” in the realm of the spirit. This was a modern day Exodus from everything that had been plaguing the people of the earth. God heard the cries of His people and came down to rescue them.

There were plagues on the wicked, but wealth and riches for God’s people who had been held in bondage to governmental forces. It was according to the voice that we chose to follow.

“Egyptian bondage” was broken for those who had an ear to hear what God was saying. For these people there were no shortages, only abundance. There was no sickness, only health, divine health.

For God remembered His Covenant and brought us out with joy, His chosen ones with gladness. And He gave us the wealth and lands of our oppressors; just like the Children of Israel “spoiled” their Egyptian slave masters of their wealth; just like at Purim during the days of Queen Esther, though genocide was declared against them, God’s people were granted permission by the king to slay all those who attempted to harm them, and take their wealth as spoil.

We will see something similar in our day, and we will inherit the labor of the people so that all would learn to observe the commands of our God and serve Him (Psalm 105:42-45).

This is The Time of The Exodus,” says God.