“This Is My Hour And My Finale,” Says God

This morning, I found a prophecy that God gave me just before the 2021 New Year. Of all the books, and podcasts and prophecies that were released over the past few months, it’s amazing that this one was over looked. Rather, I do believe that God intentionally hid this one from my sight. I don’t even remember receiving it or writing it down, yet here it is. This should be a word of hope for America, and especially for God’s people in this land, and around the world.


“I heard and I saw something in the spirit that I could not explain. I saw a battle of sorts, between good and evil. It was God, Himself and His angelic hosts doing battle on the earth. I heard my spirit say, ‘God is Light. In Him is no darkness.’ Then I heard, ‘We are His children, the children of Light.’ Then I heard these words.”

My glory has come to deliver My Children from the Evil One. America is Mine. I have chosen its leader. I have put one up and set others down, and yet they have chosen to exalt themselves over Me,” says God. They have exalted their thrones above mine, as if I, Almighty God, do not exist in this, My covenant nation.”

“Behold, My word has gone forth and shall not return to Me void. It will accomplish where I have sent it. Have I not said that I am saving America? Have I not said that this is My Hour and My Finale? Watch. Watch and See how this turn of events will release My Glory in this nation.”

“For I have determined the destiny of this nation, of My people from the foundation of this earth. I chose You. You did not choose yourselves. I created you and placed you within the habitation of these United States for My Glory alone. No man, no political party, no wicked counsel of men and women will determine what happens in this nation.”

“This is My production, My characters, and My Final Show before My Son returns to set up His throne. No human has power to change what I have determined from the foundation of this earth. Hearken unto Me My Children. Heed My Voice. Take Your places at My Right Hand and watch the show that I have planned all along.”

“Watch and see how My Light, My Glory prevails over this darkness in America. Take your seats and watch as I, Almighty God, remind wicked men that they are but a vapor in My sight. Watch as I remind men that I alone Am All Powerful. They desire power over My people, over this nation, but these people are Mine. The rod of the wicked shall not rule over My people in this hour. In My Mercy, I have commanded all men to bow. Many have refused and now my judgment against them must be executed for all to learn to fear ME.”

“I will no longer strive with unrighteous men who are determined to exalt themselves against Me, My people and My plan and purpose for the earth. I cannot be over ruled, nor will I be in this hour. Beware, My people, I have come. I have come down to fight this battle, this war of the gods, Myself. And all the earth will know that I, Almighty God is the same as I always have been. I will do as My word says because My people have humbled themselves. They have repented. They have prayed. And now, I must HEAL their land. I must uphold My Covenant to Restore this Land of America, which I love,” says The Great And Mighty One, The Only True And Living God.

[end of prophecy]