Smoke Screen (Revisited)

Today, I ran across a prophecy the Lord told me to post two or three weeks ago. I had to repent for letting this one slip my mind. Last night the Holy Spirit kept saying, “Smoke screen.” So here is another prophecy given by the Holy Spirit.

“It’s time to get serious with God. The devil is about to pull a stunt to make people think they [the devil’s kids] have the power to destroy human lives. No! God is about to pull the plug on this system, the threats of the virus, the vaccine, . . . it’s a smoke screen. They have no power and God is about to prove it to the world!”

The Holy Spirit did not elaborate about their true intentions, only to say, “They are about to be revealed and the culprits exposed!”

Here is the original post “It’s A Smoke Screen,”Says God published 8/3/2021