Will America Choose God Next Time?

It would seem that many Americans, including Christians, have forgotten God during the pandemic. They chose science over the God who created them. Many have not even considered that Jesus Christ is the Healer. Instead, they are chasing after a vaccine. God will not be mocked. Science, nor government will be able to protect the people from what is coming to the land the next time. Here is an excerpt from “Taking Back The Night.”

“The Lord reminded me of something He told me back in the summer of 2020. The nation was in the midst of the virus scare. The Lord said that “something more terrifying” was coming to America. Immediately, He spoke about “China, Russia, Iran” and others having “an axe to grind with American politicians.” He did not say these things to make me fear. No! It was quite the opposite. God spoke these things to make me aware. He told me to write them down in this book to make the world aware. But remember. God said that this was His “Grand Finale.” He will be glorified in whatever comes our way. Those who align themselves with God will be glorified with Him. This will be a time requiring great faith in God.”

“Beloved, God made His choice concerning our nation and its leaders. He has not changed His mind, nor will He. The Lord did say, “China is coming! They will renege on every deal that was made.” They are “fed up” with our leaders. “They will attempt to even the score.” Again, that is their choice. What will God do to protect America? Well, that depends upon the choices that we make from here on out. We rejected God once, will we do it again?”

“Taking Back The Night, Restoring God’s Season Of Power In This Present Darkness” by Paula Matthews.

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